Cu Paste

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Cu Paste

Cu Paste

: FCP-L series are Cu pastes for screen printing of inner electrode in Cu-COG (Cu-NPO) MLCC.
They are composed of small and spherical copper and ceramic powders. With FCP-L series, it is possible to make high packing density after printing and good electrode continuity after sintering.
: FCP-F and FCP-S series are Cu pastes for MLCC termination electrode and composed of fine
copper and unique glass powders. These Cu pastes can give high-density termination surface without attack from plating solution, so better MLCC reliability through hermetic sealing. They also can make good electrical contact with low capacitance variation, even at low-temp. firing such as 750℃.


FCP-L series

FCP-F series

FCP-S series


Inner paste for Cu-COG

Termination paste
for big case-size

Termination paste
for small case-size

Cu Metal


Flake / Plate / Spherical

Firing Temperature*

970 ~ 1030℃

800 ~ 850℃

700 ~ 780℃

Metal Content

40 ~ 50 wt% (controllable)

65 ~ 80 wt% (controllable)

Glass / Ceramic

CaZrO3 or others

F1 / S2 / M5 glass


10.0 ~ 30.0 Pa·s @10 rpm

20.0 ~ 50.0 Pa·s @10 rpm

Film Density

4.5 ~ 5.5 g/cm3

3.8 ~ 5.2 g/cm3

* Firing temperature can be different according to customer’s firing conditions.

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